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Do you know what it takes

to go from making $10,000 + per month for your transformational work
to charging $25,000, $50,000, even $100,000 for just one client?

Do you wonder how the womxn you admire in your industry do it?

How they can post amazing thought leadership posts, be on stage, travel first class, mastermind with industry leaders, manage world-class teams and navigate obstacles like a boss--do you wonder how they do it?

Do you wonder how they can charge $50,000 without blinking an eye? Or confidently get on a call with a celebrity client and rock their world without once doubting their ability to do that?

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Working with Lisa helped me pivot out of an old, exhausting business model into one that I love. I doubled my prices... twice. Now I work less and make more money, and this is not a gimmick - it’s the Goddess’ honest truth! I’m clear about the value of my work, and am publishing a new book with my husband, positioning us to work at higher levels with corporate clients as well as my individual coaching.

Alexandra Jamieson, Author & Functional Nutrition Coach, and Co-Creator of Super Size Me,


The coaching and assignments have led to my securing contracts that gained back my investment in less than 2 months, more than doubling my prices, getting clients to pay it and to successfully look at and start to address my issues around my self-worthiness. Lisa is a no-nonsense loving force who is gifted at getting to the soul’s work of leadership. I look forward to every call.

Lynne Hurdle Price, The Conflict Closer, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach,

It's NOT because they have the best strategy or the prettiest website...

It’s NOT because they possess superhuman amounts of natural confidence and energy…

It’s NOT about having the perfect sales pitch or script...

It's NOT that they have the best offer with “so many things added onto it”…

It’s NOT because they are willing to do everything and anything for their client on a whim...

It's not even about the logistics of what they offer - the length of the package or # of calls or access they get.

It’s so much simpler than that.

It's about who you ARE when you show up on social media, on stages, in those interviews, when you’re writing to your community.

It’s about what you radiate when get on that call with the high caliber client who is interested in working with you.

It's about embodying the energy of that ultra-high-level leader that is the only person that type of client would notice or hire. Your confidence radiates in a way that your potential client can feel alignment with you, and feels an immediate “Soul Yes”.

It's about modeling the boundaries of a true industry leader with your client, so you can both get the best results and transformation, and they respect you.

It's about knowing down to your bones that what you do is without question worth $25,000 - $100,000, and communicating that with complete confidence and ease.

If you’re ready to transcend into that next level of transformation, impact and revenue, you have to unlock...

Becoming an empress means leveling up your energy, lifestyle, your clients, your fees, your inner world and your income -- with confidence and grace.

Side effects of unlocking the Empress Code in your life and business (these are actual client results):

  • Charging $10,000-50,000+ for your services with ease, and powerfully command those prices with confidence
  • Walking into a room full of high caliber people who are way ahead of you in business and knowing you belong there no matter what room you are in
  • Never feeling dragged down with client drama or negative energy from others
  • Excellent boundaries so you suddenly have way more time and LOVE your clients
  • High end clients that are excited and happy to pay high end prices to work with you, because you are a vibrational match for them
  • Getting that first class upgrade every time you fly, or upgrading to that luxury suite you think about every time you check into a hotel
  • Deep knowing that truly you are the best at what you do and your work creates legacies

Because what good is it having everything you want if you’re burnt out, bored, anxious, unhealthy, and headed for relationship disaster?


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Plenty of people can show you how to “close high ticket sales” or “raise your prices”, but they are missing the most important piece of doing high end work for high end clients: the energetics.

Energetically, you need:

  • Impeccable boundaries with clients who respect you more for modeling what healthy leadership looks like
  • To be able to stay calm and centered despite external forces and drama
  • To never let someone’s comments about you waiver your confidence in the fact that you are the best at what you do. Period.
  • To let go of all the “shoulds” in your business model, pricing, and packages and design your business to align with your unique genius.
  • The self-worth and confidence to say your $25,000+ package fee out loud on a call while standing in your power

And practically, you need:

  • A high-end package that perfectly aligns with your genius, and serves your ideal client
  • A price that feels good for you AND signals to your perfect client that you ARE the best at what you do
  • The right delivery and scope in your package so that you only work in your zone of genius and don’t overdeliver
  • A simple strategy to find, reach out to, and book these high-end clients (they are out there, they are wealthy, and they are looking to hire you)
  • Contracts that set the right expectations and boundaries so both you and and your high-end clients are happy

And who am I to teach you this?

I’ve been charging premium level prices since the beginning of my business. My premium level offerings are always sold out. And I am the go-to person for the best womxn industry leaders on a daily basis. I regularly help THEM uplevel their pricing, businesses, and lives for the last 9 years.

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Everyone has natural superpowers, and Lisa’s is holding space for your true and deep sense of knowing to emerge. With her tender support, I’ve gotten in touch with achingly-elusive truths and found much-craved clarity around important decisions. Everything you need to know is already within you, and Lisa is here to help you find your answers.

Nisha Moodley, CEO of Nisha Moodley International, Creator of International Sisterhood Day™,


I had been invited to speak at the World Domination Summit in front of 3,000 people. Fifteen minutes into my time with Lisa, I received profound, soul-deep clarity on my personal message after struggling to nail it on my own for a year. And because of the energetic shifts I made in my work with Lisa, when the time came to give my talk at WDS I received a standing ovation. After that the ripple effects of having so much confidence in speaking and sharing my story and feeling really confident in my own personal brand continued. I was invited to speak in Fiji at another famous entrepreneurial event (and had the chance to bring my whole family along for a vacation after)... And gained clarity on the most potent structures and offerings for my new business (and as a result, sold out high end masterminds, leadership labs and private client offerings).

Jadah Sellner, Co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies, Business Strategist, TEDx Speaker, Best-Selling Author,

Lisa has an uncanny talent at getting to the root of what’s keeping you from your greatest desires and goals and shifting it into mega possibility and reality. She is one of the most gifted coaches I’ve ever worked with.

Jennifer Kem, Creator of Master Brand, CEO & Founder of KemComm Media Group,

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You need both Soul + Strategy

You can have all the perfect sales scripts, be great at what you do, and still never level up your prices and clients because you can’t stand powerfully in the worth of your transformational work.

Most high performance coaches don’t know how to do the deep work on both sides of this process: the practical strategy, AND the energetic shifts you need to make to transcend into the next level of your work.

When you uplevel internally, you start seeing the external manifestations like charging higher prices ($25k - $100k to work with you), high end clients you love, and our clients even uplevel their lifestyles and personal relationships as a result. Most of our clients become even better at what they do and begin reaching mastery levels in their work.

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Dream clients, higher fees, soul work, and life.

The Empress Code is about transcending into your next level of, well, everything.

I am here to make sure you become the legacy-level leader & change agent that you were put
here on this planet to be. In our work together, everything is integrated so when you uplevel you mindset, energy and daily life, you naturally uplevel your current clients, your prices, and the
mastery of your work.

My clients are able to:

  • Charge premium level prices that put them at the top of them industry ($25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 per client)
  • Attract opportunities to get on the most powerful, coveted stages, and get standing ovations from 3,000 ideal clients in the audience
  • Go from making $20,000/month while hustling hard to sell a ton of $97 and $1,000 offers, to making the same amount with just a handful of incredible clients
  • Launch a $65,000 offer with only 5 spots and sell out within a week.
  • Go from being stagnated at the $500,000 revenue mark in their business to re-inspired by their business models and on track to make $2.2 million
  • Go from offering 10 programs, making $500,000 and never making a profit while being on the brink of burnout, to simplifying down to two offers, becoming profitable for the first time in 5 years, and on track to make $1 million in revenue in less than a year.
  • Eliminating diva clients to a roster full of inspiring and motivated clients
  • Blow up in the press with their extremely popular book and be able to handle it all with calm, while still being home to sit down and have dinner with their kids every night
  • Be surrounded by high caliber colleagues and industry leaders who uplift and uplevel them on a daily basis
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You’re ready for the Empress Code experience if:

  • You keep seeing the insane results your clients are getting and you KNOW you should be charging at LEAST $25,000
  • You keep watching other colleagues you admire charge $100,000 without blinking an eye and you’re wondering “why the heck am I not doing that too?”
  • You are making at least $10,000 a month (or more) and you’re ready to make $25,000 plus for each client
  • You want to work with incredible, premium-level clients but you’re afraid of breaking your sales process or “breaking what’s working”
  • You currently sell a product between $97 - $2,000, and you’re making at least $10,000 a month from it, but you know you want to offer something higher level and higher transformation for a select few clients
  • Your client roster is completely maxed out - the only way to grow your revenue is to raise your prices but you are straight up scared and can think of 100 reasons not to
  • You feel stuck, at a plateau, and a bit bored with your business model that “works”. You want to add a higher priced offering to grow (but you wonder what could that offer even be? and who will buy it?!)
  • You want to do deeper work, and work more intimately with clients who get the biggest results
  • You want to level up into the world of people you admire where they are actively looking to pay YOU premium prices and value your work (yes, this exists, I’ll show you!)
  • Even though you know you’re valuable, it still feels like a stretch to charge even $25,000+ and you’re not sure if you even need a high end offer


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